FileMaker 12 In Action – External Container Storage

FileMaker 12 In Action – External Container Storage

Dear Client,

We upgraded your company to FileMaker version 12 over the weekend.  Visually there is no difference from version 11.  Behind the scenes there is a major change.  The scans that the art department places into the database for catalog creation are no longer stored inside the database.  The scans actually get placed on the FileMaker server as files, organized by Client, Publisher, Publication, Date, etc.  You still see the scans in the database the same way that you always have.  You wouldn’t even know it changed unless I told you.

The benefit is that the database is now much smaller in size and therefore takes less time for the automatic backups.  I will be turning back on the HOURLY backup which was slowing you guys down before. Please let me know if you see that slow down at the top of every hour.  We can program off-site backup of the database now that it is a more manageable size.

Finally, know that the scans that you insert into the Phoenix fields are transferred automatically to the Phoenix server as files, possessing the actual name that you gave to the .jpg or .png before you inserted it into the database.  In essence, the database server is also another file server, holding all of the images that you see in the database.  The library of images is extensive and well organized according to the structure of the database.  If for any reason you need access to the images outside the context of the database, that is now possible.  You would need to request access to shared image library.

In the coming days I will be applying this “external” image storage method to the contract scans used by the sales department, reducing the size of the database even further, increasing its performance, improving its security, and potentially giving access to the stored contract images outside of Phoenix.

Thank you for your attention on this geeky but important topic.

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