A message from Kent Roller, President of Island Network Solutions, LLC.


Island Network Solutions, LLC is a Honolulu based IT support firm founded in 1991. For 25 years we have provided on-call and contract based IT services to small and medium sized organizations and individual business owners.

Our service is unique. For a modest monthly fee we visit your office at a prescribe day and time each week. Upgrades, training, consultations, and troubleshooting are addressed in a consistent and routine way. We also respond immediately to unscheduled problems.

Let’s face it. Computers and networking are a necessary cost of doing business.  Like rent, electricity, and insurance, IT support should be considered a utility that you can’t afford to go without, provide yourself, or entrust to employees who take their knowledge with them when they resign. We are pro-active insurance, providing value on a regular and friendly basis. Our technicians are some of the finest people in the business. And while our technicians take care of the daily chores, Kent and the development branch of INS build custom databases, sales and invoice systems, web apps, and mobile apps.

We also partner with other technology providers in the area of VoIP phone systems, secure online document sharing, commercial cabling, and enterprise level Wi-fi and WAN communication.

The “Network” in Island Network Solutions does not mean wires and jacks. It means working with our pool of partners and associates – even your own IT team – to deliver right-sized solutions to achieve real world goals.

Call Kent any time to discuss how we can work together to stabilize, improve, and expand your IT tools to maximize their effectiveness.

(808) 221-6003